What a Company Guarantee Really Means

A termite treatment guarantee is only as good as the signed agreement and the company providing the service. Before signing a contract, homeowners should read the contents carefully and question any provisions they do not understand. Make sure the treatment is backed by a pest control company with a reputation for providing high-quality service.

Key Points to Understand About a Termite Service Guarantee for Treatment

  • What types of termites / insects are covered?
  • What types of termites / insects are not covered?
  • What treatment is included and are there additional costs for any materials used to provide treatment?
  • Is retreatment covered?
  • Is future damage covered?
  • What are the exclusions and/or limitations?
  • What is the initial fee?
  • How often are inspections scheduled?
  • If the service includes bait systems, what is the monitoring schedule?

Key Points to Understand About a Termite Bond

  • What is the term length of the bond?
  • What are the future renewal and inspection fees? (Some companies include inspections as part of a bond contract and do not charge additional fees for this service.)
  • Is the contract transferable upon the sale of the house? If so, what are the conditions for transfer?
  • What happens if the company providing the termite bond goes out of business?

In addition to outlining the pest control company’s obligations, guarantees also explain the homeowner’s responsibilities.

Typically, homeowners are required to:

  • Maintain the agreement with an annual renewal fee.
  • Perform regular home maintenance to help reduce conditions conducive to termite infestation (e.g. fix a leaking roof or limit moisture in the crawlspace).
  • Notify the pest control company about any structural changes or soil disturbances that might affect termite control methods in place. (For example, landscaping changes may prompt a pest control company to retreat areas to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness.)
  • Make the home available for regular termite inspections.