Termite Warranty

Appliances and some construction may be covered in a home warranty, termite damage is never covered. You will need a separate termite bond to cover potential retreatment and repairs for termite damage.

If you purchase a newly constructed home in an area where subterranean termites are a serious threat, the builder may be required to provide a New Construction Subterranean Termite Service Record. A licensed termite inspector must complete this document, which certifies that termite prevention measures were included in pre-construction. The document offers a one-year warranty for the termite control measures.

If you purchase an existing home, the seller may be able to transfer the existing termite bond to you. If there is not an existing termite bond or if the existing bond cannot be transferred, then you can purchase a termite bond when you buy the home.

Compare Termite Warranties
There is no unconditional termite warranty covering all possibilities of infestation, damage and repairs. All termite bonds come with exclusions, limitations and restrictions. When reviewing companies estimates to treat an existing infestation or provide termite prevention services, compare the warranties, contracts and companies reputations,  not just the prices.

The most comprehensive termite treatment contracts cover retreatment at no additional cost, plus any damage caused by future termite infestations while treatment is still in place.

Questions to Ask When Comparing Termite Bonds

  • What termite species are covered by this termite bond?
  • What are the exclusions and limitations of the termite bond?
  • What is the annual renewal fee for the agreement?
  • Is there an additional cost for regular, annual termite inspections?
  • Can this bond be transferred to a new homeowner if I sell the house? What are the conditions for transfer?
  • How many years is the bond valid?
  • What happens to the termite bond if the pest control company goes out of business? (Well-established companies offer piece of mind that this scenario will be unlikely.)