Termite Contracts

A reputable pest control company will guarantee its termite treatment services. This guarantee typically comes in the form of a termite treatment contract, which outlines the materials used, the frequency of treatment and explanations of what (if any) retreatment and damage repair services are included. Contracts vary based on the company, type of treatment provided, price and noted limitations/exclusions.

Termite Contract Waiver

State agencies set minimum standards for termite treatment based on typical home construction. Unfortunately, it is not always possible or practical to meet these minimum standards. For example, an older home may not have adequate ventilation in the crawlspace. It is usually cost prohibitive or even impossible to structurally change the home to meet minimum standards. In another example, proper treatment may require drilling through a slab floor to inject termiticide in the soil beneath the home. Depending on the construction and design of a home, this application method may not be possible.

If accessibility or construction prevent a pest control technician from providing termite treatment to meet the state’s minimum requirements, the technician must complete a waiver form with a detailed explanation of any areas where treatment failed to meet the minimum standards. Both the pest control professional and the homeowner must sign the waiver form, which also can be called an exemption form.

Before signing, homeowners should understand how this form affects the guarantee or warranty contract for retreatment and repair of termite damage, where applicable.

The waiver should be used only in situations when it is not possible or practical to meet minimum standards. It should not be used to circumvent minimum standards.