How Long Are Termite Inspections Good For?

Many home sale transactions require a certified termite inspection before closing. The official termite certification document may be referred to as a wood-destroying organisms report (WDOR or WDIR), official wood infestation report or clearance letter.

Where termite reports are required by the state or by a lender, the report typically must be dated within 30 days of closing. Your real estate agent or closing attorney can advise you on the specifics for your transaction.

How Long Does a Termite Inspection Last?

Depending on the size and construction of a home, a termite inspection may take 30 minutes to two hours to complete. In addition to performing the inspection, a termite inspector must complete a report and explain the report to the homeowner or homebuyer.

If the inspection is performed as part of a termite agreement, it may be included in your annual treatment program. More regular inspections (monthly or quarterly) may be required for homes with bait and monitoring stations, as these devices must be checked regularly for signs of activity.

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

Most reputable termite companies will guarantee their work with a warranty. Warranties differ from company to company, and a large company’s warranty may vary from state to state based on the likelihood of infestation and aggressiveness of the local species. Warranties also vary based on the type of termite treatment provided, such as termiticide treatment, direct wood treatment or bait and monitoring stations. Some warranties cover retreatment if termite activity continues in a home. Other warranties cover retreatment and repairs for any additional damage that the termite colony may cause.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that registered soil termiticides remain effective for at least five years. Properly applied termiticides often provide protection for longer than five years – some are active up to 15 years. However, termites may find a way past these termiticides, especially if the soil is disturbed by home repairs or landscaping. After dealing with a termite infestation once, many homeowners renew annual contracts for peace of mind.

Before signing a termite service agreement, ask your termite specialist about the treatment approach’s efficacy and duration, inspection schedule and retreat/ repair guarantee.