Termite Spray Cost

There are many liquid termiticides approved for professional use for soil treatments and direct wood treatments. A licensed termite inspector is trained to recommend the type of termiticide and application method that will provide the most effective control for a home.

Modern termiticides are applied with targeted techniques, rather than sprayed to cover more area than is necessary for effective control. The formulation and equipment used for targeted application vary depending on treatment location, the home’s construction type and/or the type of soil (if soil application is provided).

How Much Does Termite Spray Cost?
The cost of termiticide treatment ranges based on the following factors:

  • Size of the treatment area
  • Concentration and volume of termiticide required for treatment (Formosan termite treatment requires a greater concentration for control.)
  • Accessibility of the treatment area

Some methods of termiticide application are more labor intensive than others. For example, depending on your home’s construction, your pest control professional might be able to provide treatment from an easy to access crawlspace, or he or she may need to drill through concrete to apply termiticide beneath the slab.

Drilling through a slab to apply termiticide:
image of inspector drilling through concrete

Future Costs Associated With Termiticide Treatment
When comparing quotes for termite treatment, review estimates based on the initial service and long-term costs and guarantees. Confirm what services and retreat/repair guarantees are included in the initial treatment and ongoing agreement.

Most termite bonds are renewable for five to 10 years and include an annual termite inspection; monitoring of bait systems, if applicable; and retreatment, as needed. Some bonds also include repair provisions, should any termite damage occur after the initial treatment.

Occasionally, homes require “touch up” treatments. If you alter the construction of your home or disturb soil that has been treated with termiticide, you are responsible for reporting the changes to your pest control company. The company will determine whether additional treatment is necessary to protect your home and maintain your termite bond. Depending on the scope and reason for the changes in construction, you may be responsible for the cost of this additional treatment.