How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

Each year, U.S. residents spend approximately $5 billion to control termites and repair the damage they cause. Homeowners may receive termite treatment as a proactive measure to reduce the likelihood of infestation, or reactive measure to control subterranean and drywood termite infestations.

To provide the most accurate termite treatment cost estimate, most companies will perform a free inspection to determine what methods will be most effective for the home. A termite control expert reviews a home’s size and construction, signs of past or present termite infestations, conditions likely to support termite activity, and the size and accessibility of the proposed treatment area. With this information in mind, the termite control expert can review potential treatment options and pricing.

Make Sure You Understand Your Quote

Termite control is complicated, signs of infestation may be difficult to detect and the treatment area may be in a difficult to reach location. You may need to ask questions so you can compare companies’ estimates on an equal basis per treatment, per annual agreement or per five- or ten-year bond.

Key questions to ask about the cost of termite removal and ongoing termite control include:

  • What is the initial cost of treatment?
  • What is the ongoing cost of treatment?
  • What is the annual cost of a termite inspection?
  • What is the annual renewal fee for the termite bond or the termite service agreement?
  • What does the termite bond cover and how many years can it be renewed?
  • Will the company pay the cost of retreatment after the initial treatment, if necessary?
  • Will the company pay to repair any termite damage after treatment, if necessary?