Recent Statistics about Termite Treatment Products

  • Each year, more than 2 million homes in the U.S. require termite treatment with termiticides, bait systems or other termite control products.
  • The most common termiticide in the U.S. is Termidor. Termite control experts have applied Termidor to more than 3.75 million homes since the product’s introduction.

Termite Treatment Costs
The cost of termite treatment varies based on several factors. For termite prevention services, the inspector will base the quote on the treatment method, the size of the treatment area, the home’s construction and the types of termites active in the area. To control an active infestation, the inspector also will consider the extent, location and accessibility of the infestation.

Equipment and materials are key elements of treatment pricing. Each termite treatment product has pros and cons when scored by effectiveness, duration of treatment and pricing.

To make a well-informed decision, you need to understand the factors that affect each treatment method’s costs. For example, when you compare the average cost of Sentricon and other bait systems to different methods of subterranean termite control, you need to factor in the cost of ongoing monitoring for the bait systems. When possible, quotes should be compared based on the treatment’s duration, whether that is cost per service, per year or per the length of a termite bond.

Termite Home Inspection Cost
Homeowners may qualify for free or discounted termite inspections. Many pest control companies offer current customers free annual termite inspections as part of their termite service agreement. For prospective customers, some pest control companies offer free inspections and termite treatment quotes.

Not all pest control companies are qualified to treat termites. Different licenses are required to provide termite treatment than pest control treatment. Homeowners should make sure to hire a qualified termite inspector from a reputable company. A free termite inspection could be a costly mistake if an inexperienced inspector misses signs of termite activity around your home.