Termite Dens

In the U.S., termites live in nests, or dens, that they build underground or above ground in the wood they eat.

Formosan Termite Dens
Formosan termites, a species of subterranean termite, build the largest nests of any termite species in the U.S. Due to their colony size – which can contain millions of termites – Formosan termites cause the most damage of any termite species.

Unlike subterranean termites, Formosan termites do not need direct contact with the soil to survive. Formosan termites can build nests both above and below ground. Above ground, these nests are called cartons. Cartons are formed from soil mixed with chewed and unchewed wood, and can be found in the walls of homes.

Where Can You Find Formosan Termite Dens in the U.S.?
While Formosan termites can be found in several regions throughout the U.S., they are a particular problem in Louisiana and Texas, where they thrive in the warm, humid climate. Formosan termites are particularly common near coastal areas, where it is easy to create termite dens near water (a constant source of moisture).

Formosan Termite Dens in Louisiana
Formosan termites are such a problem in New Orleans, La., that government agencies, universities, chemical and pest-control companies, and real estate interests have teamed up for a federal program called Operation Full Stop. This program was created to help find solutions to control Formosan termites and prevent the billions of dollars of damage they cause each year.

Massive termite den under house: