Flying Termites

A winged termite may be the king or queen of a colony – or a swarmer (alate) launched to create a new colony.

What Does a Flying Termite Look Like?

flying winged termites
Depending on the species, flying termites can range in size from 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch. While worker termites are usually light in color, flying termites may be light in color, dark brown or black based on the species. (The darker color helps termites retain moisture and makes it possible for them to leave the nest.)

Flying termites have poor eyes, whereas worker, soldier and secondary reproductive termites are blind.

What Does a Flying Ant Look Like?

Some homeowners think a termite looks like a flying ant termite. However, ants and termites are two unique insects with different biology and behavior. In fact, the two insects are mortal enemies.

Ants have bent antennae and three body segments that narrow at the waist. On a flying ant, the front set of wings is longer than the back set of wings. In comparison, termites have straight antennae, two sets of wings of equal length and two body segments with a straight abdomen.

How Can You Identify Termites in Your Home?

If you see flying insects in your home and suspect they are flying termites, contact your termite expert for an inspection. Pest control professionals are trained to correctly identify termites and signs of activity. Since termite treatment approaches varies based on the species, it is important to contact an expert who can recommend the most effective approach to termite control.