Replacing Floor Supports with Termite Damage

Floor joists are the framing components of a house that support the floor. These joists usually are made of wooden I-beams that are 2 x 8 inches or larger.

Floor joists that have been weakened by termite damage or repaired incorrectly can collapse under the weight of furniture and appliances supported by the floor. If termites have damaged floor supports, hire a licensed contractor to repair the damage as soon as possible.

Can Termite Damage to Floor Supports be Fixed?

Almost all termite damage to homes can be fixed. It is rare to demolish a home due to termite damage. However, termite damage can be expensive to repair. Pricing typically varies based on the amount of damage, its accessibility and the building materials required. Damage to structural components, like floor joists, often is more expensive than damage to non-structural components.

Floor support repairs can be complicated. If support beams need to be replaced, the contractor has to provide temporary support while removing the damaged beams. Even if the contractor can add support beams without removing damaged beams, the work can be complicated by ductwork and utility pipes that run between the support beams.

Repairs to visible flooring often are less complicated, but still important. Floors that have even moderate termite damage are fragile and will continue to deteriorate under normal use. Homeowners should repair termite damage to floor trimming, baseboards and hardwood floors. These repairs may require ripping out the damaged flooring and installing a new floor.