Repair Termite Damage to Oak Floor

Before repairing termite damage to an oak floor, hire a trained termite control expert to provide treatment and follow-up inspections to ensure the treatment’s effectiveness. Once the infestation has been controlled, ask the termite control specialist to check for damage to floor supports and the subfloor. A thorough inspection will help ensure you can make all necessary repairs at one time.

Termites are more likely to feed on soft woods than hardwoods. If your termite specialist confirms you have termite damage around your hardwood floor, then you likely have termite damage to the wood underneath the hardwoods, including the subfloor and supports.

If there is damage to floor supports, hire a licensed contractor to repair the supports. Weak floor supports could fail to hold the weight of the floor, as well as furniture and appliances. Qualified contractors can make repairs that will uphold the structural integrity of your floor.

How to Repair Termite Damage to Oak Flooring

Minor damage to an oak floor may be repaired with wood filler. Once holes have been filled and the filler has dried, it can be sanded and stained or sealed.

Frequently, oak boards with termite damage need to be replaced completely. The easiest way to remove a board from a tongue-and-groove floor is with a hammer and chisel. If you split the board into thirds, you can remove the middle section first and the other sections will come up easily. The trick to fit a new tongue-and-groove board into the opening is to remove the bottom portion of the “groove.”

After replacing the boards, you will need to sand and stain them. Always sand and stain along the grain of the wood to maintain the wood’s natural beauty. Sanding against the grain scratches the wood. Staining against the grain leaves brush marks.

Following these finishing touches, neither you nor your guests should be able to detect the home’s former termite damage. However, if you decide to sell your home, you will need to report the termite damage and repairs in a disclosure form before the sale.

Termites beneath wood floor:

Termite tubes hang on the beams supporting a wood floor.