Termite Stakes & Baits: Outdoors vs. Indoors

Some pest control companies place outdoor termite stakes in the soil around a home’s foundation as a method to monitor termite activity. During regular inspections, pest control experts inspect the stakes to determine whether or not subterranean termites have been feeding on them, and thus, have likely infested the home.

Since not all termite stakes contain termiticides, professionals do not recommend relying on a termite stake method as a home’s sole protection from termite infestations.

Indoors: Baits vs Stakes
Termite detection stakes have never been used indoors since stakes are installed only in the soil. Termite baits can be installed indoors, although outdoor installations below ground are more common. Indoor baits are placed in areas with known subterranean termite activity, often in the path of mud tubes or near damaged wood.

Termite foragers consume the slow-acting bait and share it with their nestmates. This transfer effect helps control the colony over time. If faster results are required, your termite control expert may recommend other treatments, such as termiticides.

Outdoor Termite Stake:
termite stake