How To Spray for Termites

Termite control experts often use professional-grade materials and equipment to apply termite control products. A termiticide (liquid or foam used as a termite control spray) can be applied directly to soil by trenching and rodding into the soil. Termiticides called borates can be applied directly to wood to prevent and control infestations.

The soil application of liquid termite control products should take place under favorable weather conditions. Your pest control expert cannot apply certain products if the ground is wet or frozen, or when the wind is blowing. Most liquid termite control products should not be applied immediately before a rain either.

Termite pesticide application (some people may refer to this application as termite spraying) requires a knowledgeable expert who understands the recommended application methods and knows how to spray for termites with the right application tools. In order to be effective, termiticides should be applied at the concentration specified on the label. Since materials are applied according to measured, targeted methods, the term “spray” is actually incorrect.

How to Apply Termiticide to Inaccessible Areas
To access the area beneath a house, a pest control expert may need to dig a trench along the edge of the foundation. This trench provides room to insert rods beneath the house to distribute termiticide.

Where rods are not feasible, a professional may use large drills to create holes in concrete slabs through which he or she can inject termiticide under the slab. Smaller drills are used to make holes in masonry walls when termiticide needs to be injected in the wall space. In both cases, the professional will seal the holes after injecting the termiticide into living areas of the house.

While homeowners may be able to purchase termiticides in home improvement stores, it takes an expert with the right equipment to ensure the materials are applied at the appropriate concentration, in a uniform measure, in all targeted treatment areas around a home.