Non Poisonous & Non Toxic Termite Control

Non-toxic termite treatments include heat treatment, extreme cold and electronic methods. Termite control also may require structural changes to a house to help prevent termite access and reduce moisture. However, structural changes typically are recommended in conjunction with other prevention methods as part of a complete control program.

Although a number of nonpoisonous termite treatments are in use today, these methods do not work for every home or every termite infestation. Your termite control expert can evaluate the termite infestation, including the species and scope, and then recommend potential materials and methods for treatment.

Integrated Pest Management & Termites
Integrated pest management is an approach to pest control that focuses on using non-chemical methods first, followed by targeted chemical methods to provide effective control. Should chemicals be required to control your termite infestation, your pest control expert will be able to explain your options, including synthetic and botanical termiticides. He or she will describe the materials, their advantages (including effectiveness and residual protection) and their limitations.

With the growth of integrated pest management, effective termite control methods are much less invasive and toxic than they were 20 years ago. Today’s termite treatment products have a reduced environmental impact and modern application strategies use the least amount of materials necessary to be effective. The targeted treatment approaches available through directed liquid applications and combination directed liquid treatment with bait and monitoring systems limit exposure to materials and directly target termite biology and behavior to provide control.