Electronic Termite Control

Electronic termite treatment (also referred to as electric termite treatment) can be used if you have a localized drywood termite infestation in your home. For electronic termite treatment to be successful, your pest control expert must precisely identify the location and size of the colony. This treatment approach is very targeted, so misidentifying the location of the infestation can result in ineffective treatment.

Your termite specialist may use copper wire to help conduct the electric current through the wood where a termite nest is located. Then, he or she will use a handheld device to send a high-voltage, high-frequency electric current into the wood where the termites live. This current kills the termites in that specific area.

While electronic termite control can be effective on small-scale infestations, it is not an appropriate treatment method for large-scale infestations. This type of termite treatment also does not provide protection against future infestations.

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