Heat & Electronic Treatments

Getting Rid of Termites with Heat & Cold Treatments

For decades, termite control experts (pest management professionals) primarily used liquid repellent termiticides to control established termite colonies in or around homes. Through research and technological advancements, the pest control industry now has developed insecticides and treatment approaches that are more targeted and do not require as many chemicals.

Your pest management professional can recommend the prevention and treatment approach that is most appropriate for your home's construction type, signs of activity and conditions conducive to supporting termite activity. Treatment may include a combination of chemical (termiticide and/or bait treatment) and non-chemical (heat, electronic treatment, light) methods.

Heat Treatments
Before using heat to control termites, your termite specialist will perform a comprehensive inspection of your home to determine the extent and locations of termite colonies. Knowledge of the colonies' locations is important so your specialist can determine exactly how to apply the heat treatment.

For the treatment, your termite specialist will set up large heaters near areas of your home with proven infestations. When the heaters are turned on, they will raise the temperature of the surrounding area to a level that is too high for termites to tolerate. In short, when you “heat termites” you kill the termites by removing the moisture and moderate temperatures they need to survive.

Heat treatments are effective in controlling active infestations but do not provide protection against future infestations.

Electronic Termite Control
Electronic termite control essentially involves running an electric current through a termite nest. This approach is a successful control strategy when implemented by a trained professional in very specific situations.

Your pest control expert can explain the benefits of heat and electronic termite treatments, as well as the limitations of these methods. He or she may recommend an approach that combines both chemical and non-chemical methods for the most effective termite control.