Termite Bombs & Foggers

Pesticide foggers, commonly called “bug bombs,” are sold at hardware stores and grocery stores. Although many of these products contain termiticides that can kill termites, the application method is not effective or safe to control infestations.

How Do Termite Bombs Work?
Pesticide foggers are liquid insecticides that are dispensed from pressurized aerosol cans. Small drops of insecticide are dispersed into the air where they remain suspended for a short time before succumbing to gravity. These droplets will fall to the floor, counter or any other exposed surface.

In short, bombs disperse termiticides throughout your home – just in a surface method that coats your belongings and does not reach termite nests.

Safety of Termite Bombs

Foggers likely expose you and your family to greater amounts of termiticides than targeted liquid treatments or fumigants that dissipate without leaving a residue on household items. Many fogger products contain chemicals that can cause severe reactions in people with asthma or respiratory illness.

Most fogger products are activated by non-toxic gases used to propel the liquid pesticide droplets out of the aerosol can and into the air. These gases are flammable. Homeowners that have forgotten to extinguish pilot lights before using a fogger have started house fires. Because the contents are under pressure, canisters can explode at high temperatures.

All termite control products should be stored carefully and out of children’s reach. Foggers can be easily activated so use caution to avoid accidental exposure.

For more targeted and effective methods of termite control, contact a trained termite specialist.