Termite Removal with Qualified Inspectors

Controlling termites and repairing damage are serious concerns for homeowners. Depending on the species of termite that has infested a home, a three-month delay in controlling the infestation could mean thousands of dollars in repair costs.

By partnering with a licensed termite technician who works for a reputable pest management company, you will receive help from an expert who is trained to remove termites from homes. A termite expert will inspect your home to determine signs of activity, structural issues that may be supporting activity, and the size and scope of the infestation.

Following an inspection, your expert can recommend treatment methods that can control the infestation and limit the risk of ongoing damage. Where feasible, a termite expert also can recommend products that can offer protection against reinfestations.

Removing Signs of Termite Activity
In many states, the agency that governs the pest control industry requires termite inspectors remove or mark all signs of termite activity after they have treated the infestation. For example, the termite specialist will disrupt and remove termite tubes built by subterranean termites and clean up fecal pellets left by drywood termites.

The removal of termite signs and repairing of damage ensures accurate monitoring for future activity. If your termite inspector sees mud tubes or fecal pellets in a future inspection, he or she will know the tubes or pellets were caused by current activity – not a previous infestation.