How to Choose a Professional Exterminator

While you may choose to tackle some insect infestations (e.g. ants or spiders) yourself, you should call an expert to provide termite extermination in your home. According to some estimates, termite control and damage repairs cost $5 billion each year in the U.S. Since termites can live in your home for several years without noticeable signs of damage, regular inspections by a trained professional can help protect your home from these “silent destroyers.”

Treatment Knowledge
A pest control exterminator can recommend the best treatment approach to prevent and control the particular species of termite likely to infest your home. A qualified expert is trained in the methods, techniques and products used to treat termite infestations, including relevant safety and environmental regulations.

Tools & Techniques
Depending on the location of an infestation, treatment may require industrial-strength tools. For example, soil treatments may need to be applied under your home to prevent and treat subterranean termite infestations. Your exterminator will have the tools required to drill holes in your foundation to insert treatment rods under the house, plus the specific termiticide formulation that will be most effective.

Prevention Techniques
In addition to providing treatment for active infestations, your pest control expert can recommend ways to prevent future infestations through home maintenance tips and residual termiticide applications. In fact, an inspection should address any potential problem areas around your home, such as leaks, poor grading or a low-sloped roof, that can create excess moisture that allows termites to survive.

Characteristics of a Good Pest Control Company
A reputable termite extermination company will back its work with a guarantee. Because termite damage can be expensive, you likely will want to work with an established pest control company with a guarantee that will protect you in the event of further termite damage.

A good pest control company:

  • is licensed,
  • provides a free, on-site inspection before compiling a quote for treatment,
  • offers a service guarantee and
  • has an established track record for providing effective termite prevention and treatment.

Characteristics of a Good Pest Control Exterminator
A good pest control exterminator:

  • is skilled at identifying termites,
  • provides a detailed inspection report,
  • is knowledgeable about construction and home building,
  • understands local and state pest control ordinances,
  • knows which pest control products are EPA-approved and
  • understands EPA standards.