Termite Bait Stations

If subterranean termite activity is suspected around your home, termite bait stations can be an effective means to control active colonies. Bait devices can be used in a few different ways: installed directly to control active infestations, installed as the second part of a bait and monitoring system, or installed after a liquid treatment has been applied.

The best defense against termites is a good offense. By installing early detection stations before you see signs of an infestation, your pest control expert can identify termite colonies at the first sign of activity. Then, once activity is confirmed, your expert can replace the monitoring stations with termite bait that can kill termites.

How Do Termite Stations Control Termites?
Termite bait stations use wood or another cellulose material that is food for termites. Termites that find the bait stations during foraging may feed on the material, which is combined with a non-repellent, slow-acting substance that is toxic to termites.

Non-repellent, slow-acting materials are used so the termites will share the bait with their nestmates through food exchange, grooming or consumption of contaminated feces. As more and more termites are exposed to the bait, the colony will eventually be controlled or suppressed.

Popular Termite Bait Systems
Brand names for bait stations include the Sentricon, Colony Elimination System, Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System, Advance Termite Bait System and Truth Bait System. Your termite expert can recommend the bait station and placement that will be most effective for controlling an infestation around your home.

The newest advancement in bait stations is electronic monitoring. Some pest control experts use electronic records when inspecting your bait stations. With some systems, they can scan a code on the station and enter record-keeping information into a hand-held computer. Other systems have sensors that record termite activity, which can then be read by your expert when he or she performs your inspection.