Subterranean Termite Bait Systems

Subterranean termite bait systems and stations are an effective method of subterranean termite control. Stations are filled with termite bait cartridges containing a cellulose material treated with a substance that can control termites. Termites that ingest the material will die. However, the bait works slowly, so termites visiting the bait station have enough time to share the bait with nest-mates.

Your termite expert can help you decide whether termite bait stations should be part of your home’s prevention and control program.

Where are Bait Stations Installed?
In general, bait stations are placed underground. However, above-ground bait stations may be used when mud tubes or galleries can be accessed easily.

How Many Termite Bait Stations Do You Need?
A successful termite bait system requires multiple bait stations for subterranean termites. The stations are placed at 10- to 20-foot intervals around your home. Typically, they are two feet away from the foundation of your home.

Multiple bait stations are required because placement is not an exact science. Termites are not able to see food when they forage; after all, worker termites are blind. By placing termite bait and monitoring stations in several places around the home, your pest control expert increases the chances that foragers will come into contact with the station.

In addition, the foraging activity of native subterranean termite colonies can cover 0.5 acres, while Formosan termites can forage over 1.5 acres. With this broad of a foraging area, bait stations must be strategically located at short intervals to intercept foraging termites from all directions.