About Termites.com

Termites.com is an educational website created to help homeowners understand termites, the risks they pose to our homes, and available termite treatment and prevention methods. While there are structural repairs homeowners can make to help reduce conditions known to support termites, termite inspections and treatment are most effective when performed by a trained professional.

What Information Is Available on Termites.com?
Termites.com addresses common homeowner questions about termites, including:

  • What does termite damage look like?
  • How can I get rid of termites?
  • How can I prevent termite damage?
  • What treatment materials are used for termite control?
  • Are termite treatments effective?
  • Do I need a termite bond?

This site is meant for informational purposes only. All materials are designed to teach homeowners how to best consult with a trained professional on their home’s termite prevention and control methods. Termite risks and prevention and treatment techniques vary by the species of termite, state in the U.S. and home construction type, among other factors.

If you suspect termite activity or want to implement a proactive termite prevention program, contact a licensed termite control professional.